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Logement Șieu, 23 places, 11 chambres
Șieu, str. Principala, nr. 885, Maramures
Logement Moeciu, 8 places, 4 chambres
Moeciu, Moeciu de Jos, jud. Brasov
Logement Sighișoara, 22 places, 8 chambres
Sighișoara, str. Dealul Garii, Jud. Mures
Logement Cristian, 30 places, 13 chambres
Cristian, Grivitei 5, jud. Brasov
Logement Cristian, 12 places, 6 chambres
For New Years Eve 2012 - 2013 we offer you the entire villa (for 12 persons) at the following rates: 5000 euro / villa / 4 - 6 nights / 12 persons The accommodation period will be settled according to your schedule . We offer you a traditional dinner (traditional buffet) for a fee of 85 euro / person. Kids younger than 12 years will pay only half price for dinner. [...] lire la suite »
Cristian, str. Grivitei, Nr.9,
Logement Sovata, 10 places, 5 chambres
Sovata, Str. Teilor, nr. 31 A, Jud. Mures
Logement Moisei, 47 places, 16 chambres
Moisei, str. Principala, nr. 325, jud. Maramures
Logement Murighiol, 60 places, 29 chambres
Murighiol, AP Dunavat 1, jud. Tulcea
Logement Bran, 78 places, 26 chambres
Bran, Poarta, nr. 84, jud. Brasov
Logement Miercurea Ciuc, 10 places, 3 chambres
Miercurea Ciuc, Szecsenyi, nr. 72, Jud. Harghita
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