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10 places, 5 chambres
Brașov, str. Lungă nr. 234, jud. Brasov
18 places, 7 chambres
Săcele, str. Berecki Anna, nr. 26, jud. Brasov
32 places, 16 chambres
Poiana Brașov, Str. Poiana Doamnei, Nr. 28
12 places, 6 chambres
The recently restored private holiday Villa Ambient is a synonym for „treasure“. Tucked away in the heart of Cristian village, Ambient Villa 5* offers privacy and luxury with all the conveniences of a full service hotel. The magnificent villa was built over 2 centuries ago by the Saxons and it was fully restored in 2010. Location Situated in one of the best preserved medieval areas around [...] lire la suite »
Cristian, str. Grivitei, Nr.9,
25 places, 11 chambres
Brașov, Piata Sfatului, jud. Brasov
16 places, 8 chambres
Săcele, str. Garcinului, nr. 100, jud. Brasov
30 places, 11 chambres
Brașov, Sacele, str. Bunloc, nr. 207
12 places, 6 chambres
Brașov, str. St. O. Iosif, nr. 2

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