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1654 Logement en România

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8 places, 3 chambres
Bușteni, str. Closca, nr. 5, jud. Prahova
26 places, 12 chambres
Moneasa, str. Principala, nr. 216 G, jud. Arad
140 places, 71 chambres
Searching for elegance and comfort? You’ll always find it if you visit Hotel Ambient, Brasov, already a tradition name, counting more than a decade of excellence and experience. Ideally located in the center of Brasov, few minutes away from the historical monuments, famous bars and glamour shops, capable of offering a nice view of the entire city, Hotel Ambient is the reference of the luxury [...] lire la suite »
Brașov, str. Iuliu Maniu, nr. 27
40 places, 20 chambres
Șarul Dornei, Jud. Suceava
46 places, 23 chambres
Timișoara, Calea Torontalului, nr. 71
36 places, 18 chambres
Craiova, b-dul. 1 Mai, nr. 23,
8 places, 4 chambres
Murighiol, str. Agricultorilor, nr. 4, Delta Dunarii
40 places, 20 chambres
Mamaia, Mamaia Nord nr. 42, jud. Constanta
80 places, 32 chambres
Predeal, str. Trei Brazi, nr. 20
10 places, 5 chambres
Baia Sprie, Str. Mihail Eminescu, nr. 55, Maramures

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